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Today we're launching the next step in inane celebrity drooling: Gawker Stalker Maps, in which we try visually pinpoint the location of every stalkworthy celebrity as soon as they're spotted. According to Lloyd Grove's column today, celebrity publicists like Leslie Sloan Zelnick and Ken Sunshine think our new venture is disgusting. If we were unkind people, we might say the same about their clients' work. But we won't.

Moving on, here's how it works: On your end, things are basically the same. Just like always, send your celebrity sightings (except for those of reality television stars, please) to, and we'll slap them on the map. For longer, more insane sightings, we'll still continue our text-based list format. Then, thanks to the technology of Google Maps and Wists, plus the skills of Justin Blecher and Ian Van Ness, you'll never be lost in our celebrity-hunting adventures.

In order for the maps to acheive their full levels of awesome, however, we'd love more sightings and to receive them as quickly as you can send them in, as it allows us to update the map with sightings close to when they actually happened. Of course, we still totally want your slightly older stalks — so if you saw Colin Farrell self-flaggelating in the men's room at Tompkins Square Park two weeks ago but just remembered now, don't hesitate to send it in. Also, if you're sober enough to remember, please try to include times, dates, and locations with your submissions (because it's a map, duh).

The map will always be available here, and we'll give you daily updates as to who was seen and where. So enjoy — after all the stalking you've done for us, the least we can do is enable your inner freak.

Gawker Stalker Maps