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Two non-Silicon Valley bloggers speak at SXSW today — Heather Armstrong of Dooce and Jason Kottke of, who rule the blogosphere, Valley and off-Valley, from basement desks in Salt Lake City and NYC. Jason funded his blog through reader contributions; Heather through advertising. They're doing an overstuffed-chair interview (so Oprah!) now. Choppy highlights follow.

Heather asks Jason why he didn't choose advertising. "I don't like ads," he says.

Jason turns it around. Why didn't Heather use a subscription model? "After all, people are obsessed with you."
Heather: "What?! I don't get that at all!"
Jason: "Well, I'm obsessed with you." He fakes a lunge at Heather. Glorious. She needs some time to calm down.

Jason: "I think Kottke was out of the website before that—"
Heather: "You're talking like Elmo!"

The talk is already tapering; hopefully there'll just be a navel-gazing lull before a pickup, cause we've got 40 minutes of Dooce and Kottke to go.

Woohoo! Heather: "I saw you and thought, 'Well...he's good for links.'" Audience laughtrack goes "Oooooh."

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Live at Kottke-Dooce [Blogebrity]