As always, the wittiest people on Valleywag are the commenters. This week's best:

dgdn knows a name like "Sky" should have been enough warning:

Its no secret that sky is a scientologist. I was an early employee at earthlink, and the entire company was scientologist and even freakier, they ran the company based on L Ron Hubbard's "Management Technology". Yes, we had to use scientologist phrases and frameworks to manage employees. They used to come around our desks once a week and we would have to show them our inboxes. Luckily, these days all of the email snooping can be done without employee involvement, so we don't have to be inconvenienced!

eknirb thought the first big browser disappeared with Marc Andreesen:

Netscape's still online?

Elton wants Sergey to take him shopping:

Well at least SOMEONE uses his credit card as Brin is so tight with money his butt squeaks. Hasnt he heard of the trickle down theory?

No love lost between Jason DeFilippo and Calacanis or Pirillo:

Why would anyone take Jason's challenge seriously when he failed to ever pay up on his last great challenge? As far as Pirillo goes he's just trying to pimp his latest scam to make money off the searches provided by the hard work of others without paying them a dime.

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