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OK, so yesterday we posted the original, as-printed, not-fucked-with version of the manufactured final scene to Nick Sylvester's now-retracted "Do You Wanna Kiss Me" Voice cover story. And that original version cited "Steve Lookner, DC, and Vali, three TV writers who had flown in from L.A. for the weekend." (Later, that became "Steve Lucien, DC, and Vic" in the online version, before it was removed.) All parties now agree that the trip Sylvester described did not happen, but a question remains. Who are those three?

• Steve Lookner, Harvard '93, is a Lampoon alum who IMDb says has written for SNL, was head writer for Last Call with Carson Daly, and produced Nick and Jessica's Family Christmas.
• Danny Chun, Harvard '02, is a Lampoon alum who IMDb says is a writer for The Simpsons.
• Vali Chandrasekaran, Harvard '03, is a Lampoon alum who we're told writes for My Name Is Earl.

And, to refresh your memory: Nick Sylvester, Harvard '04, is a Lampoon alum who wrote for the Village Voice and Pitchfork. Until he wrote a fake news story about his two pals hanging out at 151 with a popular alumnus, who inexplicably decided not to play along with joke.

So, clearly, it's all Lookner's fault.

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