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Megite Technology sent a little PR intro touting itself as "the newspaper for anyone interested in what's happening right now." (The news is, of course, gathered from actual newspapers. And knitting blogs.)

The aggregated, user-customized news site sphere is already crowded, what with:

Newsvine: The first rule of Newsvine is, you only talk about Newsvine.
Digg: Entire user base has Lindsay Lohan posters on their walls.
Memeorandum: Of course Dave Winer's comments about your blog post ranked higher than your actual post. That's because he's more important than you.
TailRank: Powered by developer Kevin Burton and eight lattes a day.
reddit: Meets Web 2.0 Color Wheel specs.

Megite managed to be different from all of the above — mostly by mashing them up. By ganking Memeorandum's conversation cloud, TailRank's wide simplicity, Digg's topicality, and reddit's pastel-blue obsession, Megite may have proven the real method for Web 2.0 success: arrive late, check out the crowd, and one-up them all. Maybe it can lure MS blogger Robert Scoble back into the hole.

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