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Last week we took a look at axed Men's Journal editor Michael Caruso's wrongful-termination lawsuit against Wenner Media and were distracted by his generous compensation plan. Now that we've processed that though, we can examine his actual case. Caruso charges the Wenner meddled in the management of his magazine — Jann Wenner? Meddling? No way! — and then fired him for no reason. So, what was the nature of Wenner's interference?

While Caruso turned Men's Journal into a successful and profitable magazine, this success was despite and limited by the obstacles placed in his way by Wenner, including the material diminishment of Caruso's responsibilities and/or authority under the Agreement. By way of example, Wenner denied Caruso the ability for about six months to fire one staff member whose removal was integral to the success of Men's Journal. Additionally, various decisions made by Caruso that were squarely within the purview of his authority were second-guessed and overruled by Wenner's management, to the detriment of both Caruso and Men's Journal. [Bold added.]

The dude's removal was integral to the success of the magazine. Wow. One individual man was keeping the magazine down. And yet still Jann wouldn't let Caruso sack him. (He must have been awfully fun to look it.) Who was it? You're smart people, folks; give us your best guesses.

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