Right, with all these geeks taking their clothes off, it's time for a recap. Shield your eyes.

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Scripting.com's Dave Winer (right) gets hot with, from left, Douglas Rushkoff, unkown, and Mark Hurst. Justin Hall was cruelly edited out of this sauna pic.

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Robert Scoble to Shel Israel: "Keep grinning for the camera, baby, and our royalty checks will keep getting fatter."

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Chris Pirillo rents out the last ad-free space on earth. His partner Ponzi must be thrilled.

Geeks of the world! Please keep your shirts on! But if you don't, send photos to tips@valleywag.com.

By the way, one of the Blogher bloggers intends to go topless soon, according to her colleagues. Which leaves Valleywag with an ethical question: do we run the photo on the blog?

Or do we charge you $50 to see it?

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