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If you're anything like us, you often wonder what magazines have the gayest readerships. Thankfully, Fairchild's DNR got hold of the research this week, and it told us. (On Monday. None of you saw this and could pass it on before now? Jesus, people.)

And the gayest magazine is — tasteful drumroll, please — GQ, where 10.39 percent of male readers are gay or bisexual. EW comes in a very close second, with 10.35 percent of its male readers identifying itself as gay or bi, and then there's a big drop to third place.

Details, shockingly, is nowhere on the list. We were all set to apologize to Dan Peres and crew for years of jokes, but then we read the small print:

The study only includes titles with certain circulation levels (eliminating Details), and does not include gay-interest titles like Out.

So Details is both faggy and unpopular. It's like high school all over again.

After the jump, the full top-ten list — plus the top ten straightest pubs, which features a tough contest for first place among the likes of North American Hunter, Four Wheeler, and Guns and Ammo.

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Click to enlarge. Or read the lists below:

1. GQ, 10.39% of male readers are gay/bi
2. Entertainment Weekly, 10.35%
3. TV Guide, 5.46%
4. People, 5.1%
5. Newsweek, 4.74% (tie)
6. Time, 4.74% (tie)
7. Men's Health, 4.68%
8. National Geographic, 4.1%
9. Consumer Reports, 3.96%
10. U.S. News, 3.9%

1. North American Hunter, 99.9% of male readers are straight
2. North American Fisherman, 99.5%
3. Four Wheeler, 99.45%
4. Guns & Ammo, 99.43%
5. Sporting News, 99.41%
6. American Rifleman, 99.37%
7. Cycle World, 99.25%
8. Stuff, 99.23% (tie)
9. Field & Stream, 99.23 (tie)
10. Midwest Living, 99.23 (tie)