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One of Google's "aren't we cool" talking points is Marissa Mayer's open-office policy. Turns out, the Google search VP's openness is mostly spin. Surprise, surprise.

Every time some magazine like Fast Company publishes an article about the unnatural wonder Marissa Mayer, they love to point out how democratic and collegiate she is for holding "office hours" where "anyone can drop by to talk about new product ideas."

It's true that she holds office hours, but they're anything but egalitarian. Marissa holds office hours because she can't be bothered to attend "meetings" on a "schedule", so instead, anyone that needs to talk with her has to camp outside her office until it's their turn to receive her holy wisdom.

Thanks to our Google insider. More "open office" bullshit exposed, after the jump.

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The insider continues:

Marissa has to personally approve every consumer product launch, so there are a lot of people waiting outside her office. I've been there on days when there were 15 or 20 people waiting for 2 or 3 hours. On days when a broadcast news TV crew is taping her, she'll show up to her own office hours 45 minutes late. :)

One time I was sitting there and someone walking by stopped to ask how much it costs Google to have all those people sitting around waiting to meet with one person. The consensus is "way too much."

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