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Two blogging pundits set up challenges, one for himself and the other for "two kids in high-school and a couple of cases of Red Bull." Which is more likely to fail?

Chris Pirillo will abstain from Google for a week. In the meantime, he'll find everything by whining "Where is it?" to Ponzi. Is anyone willing to take a Google Fast too? (Answer: Hell no.)

No takers yet for Jason Calacanis' YouTube challenge. Said the AOL exec and seer: "I could set this up in a weekend with two kids in high-school and a couple of cases of Red Bull. In fact, the first two programmers to email me with a decent resume I'll back you guys to build a YouTube compeititor—provided you can build it in under five days." No one's signed up in the comments. Come on, guys, you could get funding from the FUTURE KING OF AOL.

Okay, so it's not the X Games. Still, these are geeks we're talking about.

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