Fleshbot, Defamer's answer to the older, pervy brother who lends you his stack of Cheri magazines but then ruins it by insisting you tell him which pages got you off the most, has alerted us to the surfacing of that rarest of celebrity sex tape creatures, the two-headed breed. Don't get too, excited, though
the two celebrity heads in question belong to Kid Rock and newlywed/newly arrested ex-Creed frontman, and general fuck-up-about-town, Scott Stapp. Reports AVN:

The never-before-seen video is 45 minutes long and features Kid Rock and Stapp partying and receiving oral sex from several of their groupies while touring nearly six years ago.

We obtained the tape from a third party,
Red Light District president David Joseph told AVN.com.
We haven
t decided exactly when we
re releasing it, but look for it in a few months.

Fleshbot provides a video morsel of the tape, courtesy of Red Light District (the people who brought you 1 Night in Paris), though we must warn you, it leaves you with more questions (ex: "What are those two girls doing to Rock from behind with his T-shirt hiked up above his belly?") than it does answers.