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You might think that every day is like Valentine's Day for celebrities, who spend nearly every waking moment basking in expressions of love from their millions of admirers. Sadly, however, their work schedules often demand so much of their attention that they find it difficult to maintain meaningful relationships, making the difficult sacrifice of emotional nourishment in the name of professional success. [Begin montage: a man sleeps alone in a California king; in time-lapse, a rose blooms and then wilts; a fluffy kitten sheds a single tear. End montage.] In today's Lowdown column in the NY Daily News, Josh Lucas, star of Glory Road, Stealth, and various other quality filmed entertainments, echoes the common, tragic "too much work, too little love" complaint of Hollywood's elite on this day dedicated to the celebration of romance:

"I am 34 years old and I'm really ready — and I'm hungry — to have a child and a family," Lucas told Daily News contributor Jawn Murray while hyping "Poseidon," his upcoming movie. "My frustration with myself is that I've been so oriented toward work, it's very difficult to settle down enough to spend time with someone enough to get to know that you want them."

He added: "Since I've finished 'Poseidon,' I've traveled every single day. … It's very hard to find someone who has their own life enough that they can go with you and still not feel like they're just there with you — if you know what I mean by that."

Lucas, who's been sidelined by a hand injury sustained while making "Poseidon," claimed he's using his time off to find a wife. "That's my total focus!"

It's on days like this that the non-famous can fully appreciate how lucky they are. While others are pouring over heartfelt greeting cards and devouring fancy chocolates, Lucas will probably have to settle for an empty night of groupie sex (probably with someone who thinks she's sleeping with Matthew McConaughey) to take his mind off the hunt for Mrs. Right so ruthlessly thwarted by his career.