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Former Radar contributing writer — and current freelancer about town — Tyler Gray has a problem. It's with Men's Fitness EIC Neal Boulton and, specifically, with Boulton's insipid-bordering-on-unintelligible Editor's Letter. With Radar no more, Gray brings his analysis of Boulton's monthly idiocy to Gawker, where we're now proud to present Gray's look at Boulton's March letter...

Who the hell is Neal Boulton to tell us about style — or even try and construct a coherent sentence, for that matter? Actually, he's the chief of staff at squat-thrusting Pecker pub Men's Fitness whose painstakingly crafted look (see above) is obviously the result of a lot of Springsteen, Bono, Sly Stallone-brand "protein pudding" and, of course, Photoshop. Why should you care? Because his monthly ed letter is so laugh-out-loud bad, it'll actually helps you build six-pack abs with just one month of repeated reading. This month's barely literate highlight comes from the letter headlined "Style 101" (anti-fashion for the no-neck set):

What the hell is fashion and why should you care? The answer: I don't know and you shouldn't. Style is what you need to be concerned about. Your own. And newsflash — you've already got it....

Got a white suit? Then hit the ranchland and kick up some dust in it. Rich and famous actor or Olympian? Then take a busted — up motocross jacket and throw it over your cleanest dirty shirt. She'll enjoy it even more when she sees it in the corner among the dust bunnies of the motel your bedroom. [Everything sic.]

I'm not saying the guy needs remedial English tutoring or anything. (Not even remedial style guidance — a white suit?) But this editor-in-chief of a national publication — one with copy editors and proofreaders and all that — could definitely use a personal trainer. For grammar.

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