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James Hong and Jim Young once posted a Hot or Not billboard showing them naked with laptops. The sign was taken down, but James just found it again on MSN Live Local. [James Hong]
Om Malik gets giddy about Demo startups in his latest podcast with Niall. [Om Malik]
Yahoo is the new Visa: The search company starts offering point-based rewards to customers. Startup idea #207: Chinese search farms racking up Yahoo points. [Techdirt]
What's worse than censoring search? Sending a Chinese journalist to jail. But hey, Americans, the freedom to share more Coldplay with your friends? Now that's a fair trade! [Yahoo helps jail dissident, SiliconBeat]
Worship Wozniak? He's a great guy, invented personal computers, sure, but has he made any shiny little video players? Nope. [Wired News]