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Today's Page Six describes an unfortunate, if understandable, gaffe by Hilton Posse member Kimberly Stewart, who repeatedly misidentified superproducer Jerry Bruckheimer at a recent party:

ENGAGEMENT-happy rock spawn Kimberly Stewart needs to learn the names of movie-industry power players if she wants to pursue an acting career. While partying with a gaggle of girlfriends at Mansion in South Beach last weekend, she kept introducing blockbuster-maker Jerry Bruckheimer, who was at the table next to hers, as fellow popcorn schlockster Michael Bay. We're told Bruckheimer never corrected the tipsy Stewart and seemed to get a kick out of the mistaken identity.

Bruckheimer may have been a good sport about the mistake (it's certainly not the first time a chick mixed up the frequent collaborators after a couple of chocolate martinis), but Stewart's probably ruined her chances of playing "Dogwalking Bimbo #3" in his next movie, a small, but pivotal, character who is tragically mowed down by an out-of-control Hummer as it jumps the sidewalk, pulverizing her, a pair of pink Ugg boots, and an adorable bichon frise. Sure, the scene sounds tragic, but the pathos of the moment is expertly lightened up when star Will Smith, the runaway Hummer's intended victim, quips out of the side of his mouth, "Daaaaamn, girl. That shit is nasty!"