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Thought you could sneak this past us, Times, by running it two and a half week's later and on a Saturday? Oh, no.

A television review on Jan. 11 about "South Beach," on UPN, misidentified the character who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. It was Noel, not Arielle.

And who made that misidentification in that television review? Alessandra Stanley, of course (as we pointed out back on January 12).

For 2006, that gives her three corrections on 14 bylines — a whopping 21 percent corrections rate, which tops the impressive 15 percent rate she mainted through 2005 and even the 20 percent rate she's established last time we checked in, after the first week of this month.

To which we can only say: Excellent work, Ms. S. Mazel tov!

Corrections: January 28 [NYT]
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