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Just yesterday, Fox 411's Roger Friedman couldn't help spilling the dirty beans about his trip on Southwest, during which a flight attendant treated a cabin full of shocked passengers to a passionate defense of Kenny "A Capable Lover, Just Not With Renee Zellweger" Chesney's heterosexuality. Today, however, Friedman's clamming up and offering his readers nothing more than a paralyzing case of the gossip blue balls:

And if only you folks had been sitting with me the other day at the Park City Marriott's greasy-spoon coffee shop. The three young men sitting to my right were just a font of information about actor Kevin Spacey, regaling each other with stories about Spacey and director Bryan Singer from the set of the new "Superman" movie. Yikes! It was Eavesdrop 101, and I can't repeat a word of it!

In the absence of a single clue as to the content of Spacey-Singer Eavesdrop 101, we'll all have to invent our own lascivious stories. We're too tired to do all the work, so we'll give you some possible puzzle pieces and you can fit them together in any combination you like: Bryan Singer, Kevin Spacey, Lex Luthor, latex bald caps, flying harnesses, Brandon Routh, a cramped phone booth, a wardrobe trailer full of spandex costumes, Kryptonite, a Steadicam, "Hey, wait a minute—how did your underwear get on the outside of your tights?", and a greenscreen. That should do the trick.