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• It's amazing that Boston still has a New York City complex, especially when they can showcase fashionable trendsetters like this. It's as if the Sears catalog had its own version of the Look Book. []
• Joe Sexton ascends to Metro editor at the Gray Lady, presumably because he knows "every surviving beer joint within ten blocks of Times Square." [Romenesko]
• While the Mirror caught Madonna appearing "ropey," Hello! catches her looking rather nice at the exact same event. We don't know which glossy hackhouse to believe. [Hello!]
• You stay classy, Williamsburg. [Williamsboard]
• So does this mean Trent Reznor no longer wants to fuck anybody like an animal? [TMZ]
• Country singer Kenny Chesney might not be a gay cowboy after all. He's just be into haggard, old flight attendants with a slight case of the nutsies. [Good As You]
• Just before they turn the lights out, The Black Table eeks out one last list of maniacal beer reviews. It's easier to say goodbye if you're blackout drunk. [BlackTable]