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Today's Page Six offers up a party report from Sundance, where disaster may have been averted by the concerned, if ineffectual, presence of an HBO star:

TOILING as a publicist at the Sundance Film Festival can apparently cause one to wilt. At a house party in Park City, Utah, late Monday night, a pretty young thing employed by Harrison & Shriftman p.r. was rushed to the hospital after she passed out cold and her eyes rolled to the back of her head, according to a witness. Our source says "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier tried unsuccessfully to rouse the victim and gave a statement about the incident to police. But her boss, Lara Shriftman, says her staffer did not suffer a drug overdose. "She didn't sleep and she didn't eat and she just fainted," Shriftman said. "She was back at work at 10 this morning."

This is perhaps the first time we've ever been inclined to accept the "exhaustion" explanation, having firsthand experience with the too much booze/no sleep/nearly spontaneously collapsing Sundance experience. The fainting girl was pretty fortunate, however, to have "wilted" near the responsible Grenier (kudos to the publicist for making sure to include his name in the report, but we must subtract three flack points for forgetting to mention his band, The Honey Brothers, who played a totally rocking set at the Main Street Starbucks!), and not Turtle or Johnny Drama, who probably would've suggested that they toss her body into a snowdrift and keep partying.