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Being a Hollywood assistant often comes with a list of job expectations that could never fit into a 100-word blurb on the UTA job list. Take for instance the recent lawsuit brought against Laurence Fishburne by a former assistant, who claims that Morpheus doesn't really care if you take the red or blue pill, as long as you take the Pill:

Laurence Fishburne's former personal assistant is suing him for allegedly firing her because she was pregnant and single, her lawyer said Wednesday.

Kristal Crews filed the lawsuit against the actor in Superior Court on Tuesday, seeking unspecified damages.

"He told her that he didn't think single women should have children," Crews' attorney, Nikki Tolt, said.

We're somewhat stunned that Cowboy Curtis, who fearlessly danced the gay cowboy two-step decades before it would come into vogue, would allegedly force his backwards views onto his employee's reproductive practices. For regardless of what sort of impediment carrying a child to term poses to the effective execution of last minute Koo Koo Roo and dry-cleaning runs, what it ultimately comes down to is an assistant's right to choose.