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• Kathy Hilton takes a tip from daughter Paris and goes for the midlife-crisis nip-slip. Click to enlarge (NSFW) and shudder. [Jossip]
• Sharp eyes may have noted that Vogue editbeast Anna Wintour's stepson, Samuel Shaffer, was married last Thursday to Kathryn Neale, a freelance writer. Let's hope Ms. Neale freelances enough to finance enough couture to wardrobe a lifetime of dinners with the in-laws. (Also, the wedding was in New Zealand, which explains the shocked emails we got from random Kiwi readers who thought they were hallucinating visions of Chanel tweed.) [NYT]
• And, as long as we're in the Styles section, yes, we too endured the article on teen clubs, featuring barely-legal "promoter" and Grubman PR intern Lexi Lehman. Could she reach media saturation before her 18th birthday? [NYT]
• Everyone's favorite blogging stripper, Mimi in NY, does her thing for the UK Sun. We find her graduation pictures from Cambridge particularly interesting; it's interesting what a blog and a gig at Scores does for to your appearance. [Sun UK]
• Slate hed writers go for the lowest common denominator and ask, "Are teachers who sleep with their students getting off?" Well, for all that trouble, we should hope so. [Slate]
• You'll find a lot of crap on the subway, but only the truly blessed find a bag full of Adderall and condoms. [Craigslist]