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• Only because we have to: Colin Farrell's sex tape. Enjoy, if that's your thing. And it probably is, considering it's someone worth seeing naked. The site has only been working intermittently, so you can use your imagination with this artfully cropped screen shot. [DirtyColin]
• While New York begs us all to remember that they were on the scent of JT Leroy's scam long before Warren St. John and the Times, let's all remember that the Village Voice was on this one, oh, four years ago. [VV]
• Let the mockery begin: "What I Plan to Embellish for Obvious Dramatic Reasons in My Own Forthcoming Memoir." [Minor Tweaks]
• You never forget your first Goatse. [Flickr via EdRants]
• Anderson Cooper undergoes an emotional investigation into the emotional work of Anderson Cooper. [Slate]
• Thanks to the expanding laws of the universe, mass quantities of douchenuggets are now able to enjoy simultaneously looking like a Gotti. [Sherdog]
• Breaking: Avril Lavigne is a LADY! [PITNB]