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Greetings, my fellow ill-fated deskbound worker elves! This is just a little reminder from your associate editor that Mark is on vacation this week, so it's just you, me, and ghost town LA for the next couple days. Say, we know what will cheer you up: A Defamer operative sent in this rare triple spotting of two well known actors (both reportedly Scientologists), and a reality TV star (religious or cultic affiliations indeterminate), at the Silver Lake Echo Park* hipster hangout, the Short Stop!

I was boozing it up Monday night for no reason other than they didn't pick up my trashcans and stopped in at the Short Stop thinking it would be empty. After all...who the hell goes out on a Monday night? The bar was fairly empty but of the people that were in there, half of them were on TV. Jason Lee of "My Name is Earl" fame & father of Pilot Inspektor held court amongst a bunch of cute eastside girls, Giovanni Ribisi was there too blocking my way to the smoking section and also holding court with a bunch of cute eastside types. Andrae Gonzalo (the designer from Project Runway that pitched a hissy fit when they tried to put a blonde wig on his black model) was giving or getting a tarot card reading (personality test?) with some really drunk people that looked like they were in a band. If I find out the Project Runway guy is a Scientologist, I'm pretty sure I've discovered their eastside headquarters.

That's an interesting theory, reader, and suddenly those two cans of beer they served us wired to some kind of calibration device are starting to make a whole lot of sense. Being a sucker for a 2 for 1 anything, however, we drank them both despite our misgivings. (And signed up for some exciting self-improvement classes! We think. We were drunk.) And while Lee and Ribisi are East Side mainstays, we welcome newly minted reality TV celebrity and poopie-panted cry-pansy Andrae Gonzalo to the PrivacyWatch fold. His Runway theatrics are never short of utterly transfixing.

*The purists have spoken.