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• Is Paris Hilton banned from LA nightclub LAX for talking smack about her former BFF Nicole Richie? If so, it suggests that there might be some sort of karmic balance to that otherwise moira-less world. [Scoop]
• For reasons involving some sort of warped explanation about puzzles and pieces, Kathy Griffin is canned from E!, leaving you no choice but to actually watch the TV Guide network for your red carpet coverage. [Page Six]
• Say what you will about PR madam Lizzie Grubman, but she picked up and drove her entire staff to work yesterday and didn't run a single one of them over. See? Reform is possible. [Lowdown]
• Professional binge-drinkers Johnny Knoxville and Luke Wilson break tables at the Hog Pit, stumble and slur their way around Soho. Celebrities — they're just like us! [Page Six]
• Now that suspected sexual assaulter Peter Braunstein has been apprehended, the lovely ladies at Fairchild have taken their shoes out of the safe and are throwing staff parties. [Gatecrasher]