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It's a shame Stuff EIC Jimmy Jellinek is married, because his interview today with the Black Table has us ready and willing to give him a whole brood of media-whore babies:

Do you think New York City makes assholes out of media people or do you think asshole media people come to New York City?

This business attracts assholes like flies flock to poop. Most of us are just frustrated high school newspaper geeks who spent our teen years rubbing our hands, going, "I'll show you." So when it comes time to actually show somebody something you have to wring the most you can from the sponge. So you have all these dickheads whose sense of purpose and power derives from where they sit on a masthead. What else you going to brag about, the pay? Hell no, a first year analyst at Goldman Sachs with a coke problem makes more than most of us do.

So, so true. Editors really ARE dickheads! (But we still want to be them, a little.)

Which magazine editor is most undeserving of their success?

That schmuck from Men's Health...

Okay, except for Dave Zinczenko. No amount of money could make us want to be that kind of dickhead.

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