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Times trendmonger Jennifer 8. Lee has sold her first book, the Observer reports today:

[Warner Books editor Jonathan] Karp struck a deal with New York Times Metro reporter Jennifer 8. Lee to write a book about "how Chinese food is more all-American than apple pie," according to Ms. Lee. The book is tentatively titled The Long March of General Tso, and will detail the history of Chinese food in the United States.

Ms. Lee's agent, Larry Weissman, sent out the proposal on Friday, and by Monday had come to terms with Mr. Karp. Mr. Weissman said that there were five pre-emptive bids on the proposal, and that it sold for "well into six figures."

Mr. Karp wouldn t reveal the exact amount, but said that he felt confident "she could buy a lot of steamed pork dumplings with this advance."

From what we hear, she was very happy and sated with that six-figure advance. But then, like a half-hour later, she was totally ready for another one. Weird.

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