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For the second straight year, The Hollywood Reporter has named Anne Sweeney, co-chairman of Disney's media networks and president of the Disney-ABC Television Group (take a breath), the Most Powerful Woman in Hollywood.* (We'd do the THR one better and declare her Most Powerful Woman in the Universe, but we've long posited the existence of a planet populated entirely by a super-race of female entertainment executives, who dispatch their weaker citizens to Earth to run things until the eventual invasion.) As a reward for Sweeney's ability to keep the heel of her Manolo Blahniks firmly on the throats of power-list competition for the past 12 months, like MTV's Judy McGrath, Universal's Stacey Snider, and Sony's Amy "Can We Just Forget About 2005, Please?" Pascal, she's apparently been rewarded with a sassy new head shot on the Reporter's website (and reproduced here). Congratulations, and fingers crossed for the dynasty-solidifying threepeat!

[*Or if you think a gender-specific list is a dated concept, we can go with Most Powerful Person in Hollywood, Non-Penised Category.]