So what if The Washington Post got scooped on its own ur-story a few months ago, when it allowed Vanity Fair to beat it to outing Mark Felt as Deep Throat? The paper is still breaking all sorts of news (even as its star investigative correspondent keeps secrets from its editor for years at a time).

First, back in June, the Graham family's journalistic powerhouse bravely tipped us all to the existence of a certain man about town, a young unknown named Fabian Basabe.

Then, earlier this month, the paper bravely reported on the burgeoning trend of the power lunch, and it breathlessly informed us that a midtown restaurant called Michael's is apparently a popular spot for mediaworld figures to engage in this activity.

And today, finally, comes the prime Pulitzer bait Len Downie has been waiting for:

This image was lost some time after publication.

We're tempted to quote extensively from the travelogue, but instead we'll just tease you with one delicious line — "'Billyburg' still felt balanced on the cutting edge," exults the author in her lede — and assure you it's really worth reading the whole thing for yourselves.

We can't begin to imagine why young people aren't buying newspapers anymore.

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