Like many toddlers, 14-month-old Sorella Stoute enjoys playing with her dad's smartphone. What's not to like? An interactive screen, bright colors, probably some games. And, of course, the eBay app, which Sorella used to buy a 1962 Austin Healey when her father wasn't paying attention.

“She decided to open the eBay app, and started clicking around and one thing led to another and we own a car,” Sorella's dad, Paul Stoute, told KOIN 6.

Luckily for Stoute and his wife, the used car was relatively inexpensive, costing just $225. Even so, the purchase – which the Stoutes found out about when they received the congratulatory email from eBay – initially worried the couple.

“It was a 'What do we do? We can't really afford it' type of thing,” Stoute said.

They ultimately decided to keep the car, storing it behind the home of Sorella's grandmother, Carlene Stenejhem, who at first had trouble believing the news. "I said, 'Yeah, right,'" Stenejhem said. "And [my daughter] said, 'No, Sorella bought a car on eBay and we have to buy it.'"

Stoute hopes to restore the car as a gift for Sorella's 16th birthday or graduation. “I'm just glad she didn't buy the $38,000 Porsche I was looking at,” Stoute said.

[Image via CBS News]

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