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Please excuse us if this is common knowledge that we're only stumbling upon now in our morning stupor, but we had absolutely no idea that notoriously, er, intense superproducer Joel Silver invented (or helped invent) Ultimate Frisbee, the sport that launched a thousand bong hits. But being the Hollywood animal that he is, Silver's baring his producing fangs to the director of a documentary about the game:

IT'S not enough for Joel Silver to oversee his own films, like the "Matrix" movies and "Alien vs. Predator." He wants control over a little documentary being made by New Jersey filmmaker Jim Nussbaum. In "Flying Saucers," a film about Ultimate Frisbee, Nussbaum credits the Hollywood producer with inventing the team sport. He told The New Jersey Jewish News that when he asked for an interview with Silver, he was referred to a math teacher who had made his own film about the game. The teacher was nice enough to hand over his footage, but now, just as "Flying Saucers" is about to be distributed, Silver's COO has sent Nussbaum a cease-and-desist letter. "In no way is Joel trying to stop [the project]. He's just wanting to approve his involvement," a rep for Silver told the paper.

Once he's satisfied that his legacy in the annals of Hucking the 'Bee has been protected, Silver will return his focus to the cardiovascular activity for which he is now legendary, the hurling of blunt objects at his scattering underlings.