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Fuck-you money is nice, but as Sarah Michelle Gellar can attest, Grudge money's better. Page Six reports today that the actress has found herself in the enviable position of turning down some hefty paydays, in the name of modesty:

Sarah Michelle Gellar will not show her breasts and she doesn't care how much money Hollywood offers. We hear that Gellar, married to Hollywood hunk Freddie Prinze Jr., has been offered roles for "major money" but turned them down because the part would require her doffing her top. A rep for the actress said, "Sarah doesn't do nudity, period. It has never been her thing."

Gellar is to be commended for sticking to her never-nude principles, though we can't help but wonder if maybe her virtuousness might in the long run prove not such a great strategy. Once the Japanese horror remake fad blows over and she gets a little too long in the tooth to karate-kick vampires in the face, Scooby Boobs 3: Daphne's Haunted Orbs could be a real jumpstarter for an actress whose career is on the wane.