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What are Times up-and-comers thankful for this year? We asked, and they answered. Three more from the Gray Lady, starting with Stylesy trendmonger Jennifer 8. Lee, who turns earnest on us:

People who are touched by stories of others in need — whether from crises such as Hurricane Katrina or the more daily struggles highlighted in The New York Times Neediest Cases articles — to donate money, time, resources.

Metro metrosexual Nick Confessore goes the earnest route, too:

I am very thankful for my family, my friends, and my surprisingly good health. Given the state of the newspaper industry, Im pretty thankful for my job. And I would remiss if I did not say how thankful I am for strawberry-rhubarb pie, which I expect to be consuming in quantity this Thursday. That's some good sh*t.

And, finally, Boldfacer Campbell Robertson, who leavens the mood:

I'm thankful for the Corey Clarks and the Mario Vazquezes, all of the reality show contestants who, despite the deafening chorus of complaints from those in the public eye about the unbearable burden of fame and from the wiser observers about the inherent bankruptcy of celebrity life, still scramble madly toward fame, proving that humans are far more absurd and entertaining than we ought to be. Also: Chipotle burritos.