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Radar has the latest from the disaster-befallen Miami Vice set, where three hurricanes, a gunfight, two bloated, hungover stars and one pissy, aloof director have added up to one hell of a high turnover rate among the crew:

We re told that since filming began in June, over 120 crew members have jumped ship, exhausted by [director Michael] Mann s famously obsessive demands, ceaseless revisions, and 24/7 schedule. One production assistant says that resignations are now being turned in on an almost daily basis, with employees typically citing illness or dying relatives. Few members of the original crew remain, the source says. [...]

And it s not just the key grips who are feeling mutinous. We re told Universal execs, watching the disaster unfold from Hollywood, are infuriated by the movie s ballooning budget and lagging schedule. The movie, greenlighted at an already obscene $120 million and set to wrap in September, has nearly doubled in costs and is still lensing in Paraguay and Miami with no end in sight, we hear.

The production appears to be taking an inevitable turn towards Lord of the Flies-style savagery; it's only a matter of time before remaining crew members raid the makeup and wardrobe trailers, only to emerge in warpaint and pastel suit tatters with boom mic spears in hand, shouting for the blood of their own above-the-title "Piggy," Vice's beer-boobed Colin Farrell.