Poor Kate Lee. By all rights, he should have been hers. When David Lat, the male federal prosecutor who'd masqueraded as a female corporate lawyer on Underneath Their Robes, a deliciously gossipy blog about the federal judiciary, allowed himself to be outed as the blog's author in last Monday's New Yorker Talk of the Town, it seemed obligatory that a book deal would soon be in the offing. And who better to rep him than Talk of the Town-certified agent-to-the-blogstars Kate Lee?

Only one quick-moving man. A tipster reports:

Weekend Sighting: Saturday morning, Le Pain Quotidien, in the Village. Gawker staple DAVID KUHN, breakfasting with prosecutor/blogger DAVID LAT. I smell a book deal.

Kuhn, we'll remind you, netted D-Nasty Dana Vachon his $650K advance.

Poor Kate Lee.

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