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• After we heard of Tara Reid's good behavior at her 30th birthday party in Los Angeles, we were worried we'd lost our girl to the dark side. Fear not, however: After celebrating her birthday in Miami by fastening a magnum of champagne to her mouth, Reid had to be carried out of the bar. [R&M (bottom of page)]
• Nick Lachey doesn't want anything to do with wifey Jessica Simpson's birthday plans for his 32nd, unless they involve divorce papers. [Scoop]
• Trouble at SonyBMG: Bruce Springsteen gets re-signed for $100 million while Neil Diamond and Celine Dion CDs get recalled. Your mother is simultaneously thrilled and devastated. [Page Six]
• Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee might not tip his waitresses, but he does offer them pot and quiet time in his limo, so long as they don't mind any sorts of hepatitis. [Lowdown (2nd item)]
• You may watch the O.C. like a religious retard, but did you watch it closely enough to catch star Mischa Barton's nipple? [Page Six]