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Oh, happy day! The UPS stud just came by HQ with the most fantastic package from HarperCollins: Not one, but two copies of Nicole Richie's new novel, The Truth About Diamonds (one with the "good Nicole" cover photo, one with the "bad Nicole" cover photo)! We've hardly put it down all day; our favorite part is the middle, where there's sixteen pages of Nicole Richie glamour shots that have absolutely nothing to do with anything. It's so awesome. For your reading pleasure, an excerpt from Chapter 10 ("Build Them Up"):

I knew for sure that the Magdalena commercials were going to be a big deal when I saw Chloe on TV while I was working out. I stopped running in place and watched in shock as she and Simone, arm in arm, sat on a lavender sofa in Magdalena HQ being interviewed by Billy Bush. Billy was doing the expected lovestruck banter with the new BFFs as they giggled and flashed leg. Simone, inarticulate to the point of mental incompetence, came off as aloof and mysterious on TV for some unknown reason. The camera loved Chloe, whose coke high read as girlish excitement.

Drugs, mental incompetence, and Billy Bush? Why, it's the great American novel.

The Truth About Diamonds [HarperCollins]