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Oh, were you looking to pick up some of Stella McCartney's new line at H&M? Tough shit. At right, an image of the fray at one of H&M's Soho outposts. Writes one reader:

Just got back to work from the SoHo H&M (both stores) and all racks were completely empty of all goods by 10:07 AM. Only random scarves and keychains left. There was a lot of elbowing, screaming, and tripping others as a means of getting to the stuff.

Says another brave shopper:

The opening of H+M's Stella McCartney collection was total and complete insanity. I was at the 34th and 7th ave store. I have never seen grown women act this way (well except for conde nast intramural events *snicker snicker*) pushing, shoving, grabbing and yelling.

One mad shopper pulled an empty metal rod and started hitting a display which had sweaters that were out of arms reach. Not even the mannequins were safe — people tore the samples from them.

Oh well. No healthy human being would look good in those skinny, ankle-zip jeans anyhow.

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