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A former guest at Girls Gone Wild Chief Titty-Inspecting Officer Joe Francis's Casa Aramara compound (doesn't your house have a name and a website?) in Puerta Vallarta snapped this pic of the estate's guestbook, where a vacationing Lindsay Lohan scrawled these heartfelt words for her gracious host: Joe: I love you, marry me? I know you love 18 yr olds. No, but seriously, thank you so much. Everything was amazing and you were a fuckin' great host. I'll be back to torture ya. Love always, Lindsay. P.S. Wear a condom Joe & keep your tongue in your mouth. La La Loo. You can click the above image to see a larger, more easily readable version.

Isn't that sweet? Perhaps while Francis is reliving the trauma of his burglary and videotaped sexual humiliation (as reported by Radar, but only in their print version) at trial, he'll close his eyes, drift off to Mexico, and remember his carefree days cavorting with Lohan and his pals.