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· Warning: Following this link to an animated image of Paris Hilton's mastery of one "look" may result in the involuntary loosening of your bowels and/or seizures. Click at your own risk.
· Photographs of Tara Reid looking inebriated are the planet's only true inexhaustible resource.
· Who will win the live West Wing debate? Our guess: Whatever's on CBS at the time.
· Jack White makes selling out seem so cool and authentic.
· Hey, dueling Popes!
· This story about the all-girl band that Bono pulled on stage to play an impromptu song would be awesome and heartwarming if a) we had a sense of awe or a heart, b) it didn't absolutely reek of pre-planned publicity stunt, c) all the world's impromptu-pulling-of-girls-onto-stages magic hadn't been consumed by the Dancing in the Dark video in 1983.