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• We contacted indie filmfreak Vincent Gallo this morning for comment and have yet to hear back on the matter, but it seems that for just $1 million dollars, you can buy some of his sperm. If you're Chloe Sevigny, it's free of charge. [VG]
• It's come to our attention that all Viacom employees — i.e., roughly two-thirds of NYC — are now unable to receive IMs that contain links. The point of this? We don't really know, but golly, we're tired of the man holding you down!
• Yesterday, Radar reported that hip-hop magazine The Source has been unable to pay its rent. So are they evicted yet? [For Myself and Others]
• The seller offers no proof of authenticity, but you know you're just stupid enough to pay $1750 for a cocktail dress reportedly belonging to Paris Hilton. Helpful tip: the shame is less palpable if you do your bidding drunk. [eBay]
• Need your own militant activist to throw red paint on your enemies? PETA is auctioning off their president, Ingrid Newkirk, for an entire day of furry fun. [AdFreak]