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If you're wondering why the engagement of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is dragging on so long (Really, kids, what's the hold up? We're dying to catch the fake bouquet!), current tabloid speculation holds that Holmes's father is checking and re-checking what must be the world's most complicated prenuptial agreement:

Will Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a prenup?

Sources say they will, and according to one report, that’s why Cruise and his preggers fiancée are taking so long to get hitched. Holmes’s father, Martin, is a lawyer and is representing his daughter in the negotiations, reports the upcoming issue of The Star.

Martin Holmes “is playing hardball with the prenup negotiations,” according to the tab, which quotes a source as saying that Holmes wants to make sure that his daughter will receive “a lump sum payment in the millions if the marriage should dissolve before the five-year mark.”

Such terms are unusual for a prenup, which usually awards a spouse more money for a longer marriage, but, the source tells the mag: “The Holmes family would never tell Katie if they thought her marriage was doomed from the get-go, but they are pressuring her to hold out not only to protect her interests, but those of her child.”

Daddy might not approve of Katie's premarital knocking-up (and overall involvement in the upcoming Union of the Damned), but he's still got to make sure that if his little girl's going to rent herself out as an alien incubator, she's going to get above market price for the lease on her womb.