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With Election Day rapidly approaching, it's time you started thinking seriously about which mayoral candidate deserves your vote. After all, you have to elect someone as your preference to lose to Bloomberg.

Gawker has an incredibly powerful sense of civic duty, and we'd be a shell of ourselves if we didn't offer up our opinion on next Tuesday's hole-punching party. And so, after much thought and contemplation, Gawker is offering its last-minute endorsement of Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party. As you may recall, we noted the RISTDH Party blamed the lack of housing on the "Jewish People," which we didn't particularly like. But that was before we saw the dashing picture of candidate McMillan (above), and read the following:

We apologized for the BAD, Grammar, Spelling, and anything you might find wrong with this web Site. We Deeply apologize. But "RENT" is Still Too Damn High.

Humble, yet driven. If that's not a perfect candidate, we don't know who is. And you know what? The "RENT" is too damn high! We're sold.

Superficial Voter's Guide - NYC 2005 [Banterist]
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