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So what to do when no one will come run your men's lifestyle magazine because everyone hates the idea of working for you? When you're so well known for meddling and overruling that one candidate for the job, who refuses to be considered for the position, comments, "It's like going to work for George Steinbrenner?" Easy! Put yourself in charge.

Three weeks after Michael Caruso rappelled down from his editor-in-chief post at Wenner Media's Men's Journal, and after a hunt in which none of the prominent editors contacted was willing to take the job, Jann Wenner has solved his problems by naming Tom Foster, an MJ vet who is currently features editor of Men's Health, editor of the magazine — and appointing himself editor-in-chief.

We now eagerly await MJ's review of the next Stones album.

Men's Journal Vet Tom Foster Named Editor; Jann Wenner Reinstates His EIC Title [Mediaweek]
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