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The internet is made up primarily of smart people who waste a lot of time. Some of those smart people have a lot of helpful hints over at MetaFilter for the less smart ones looking to waste time too without the bosses finding out. This is required reading for those of you who feed us our memos and leaks. Here's a sampler:

You could also try the ever-useful Tor; it has the side effect of anonymizing all your internet browsing, so aside from your browser cache & cookies your employer can't tell what you're looking at.

We advise further that you never trust anyone — especially us. Because we hear that right now, at this very moment, a certain two Gawker editors are at a photo shoot for Vanity Fair, mere days after Conde Nast fired official Gawker Martyr Andrew Krucoff.

Keep those memos coming, people.

Help me find a personal email venue that my employer can't block [Ask MetaFilter]
[Photo illustration by lowculture]