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Times TV critic announced today that she likes The Colbert Report, the new Daily Show spinoff in which Stephen Colbert plays a pompous talkshow host akin to Bill O'Reilly.

But, naturally, she doesn't like it enough to actually, you know, get the details right. To wit:

On his regular feature "The Word," Mr. Colbert routinely mocks the kind of anti-intellectual populism perfected by Fox News. "Trustiness" was his word of the day, he told viewers with a poker face, sneering at the "wordanistas over at Webster's" who might refute its existence. "I don't trust books," he explained. "They're all fact and no heart."

The word, of course, was truthiness.

We know: It's not one Stanley is terribly familiar with.

Briging Out the Absurdity of the News [NYT]
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