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From today's Page Six, a staggeringly beautiful gem:

It's over between baby oil heir Jamie Johnson and New York Observer scribe Jessica Joffe. We're told Joffe broke things off about a month ago with Johnson, who's best known for directing the HBO documentary "Born Rich." One red-hot rumor making the social rounds is that Joffe is now billing and cooing with testy troubadour Ryan Adams, who has been in a long-term relationship with indie actress Parker Posey. Joffe could not immediately be reached for comment, but a friend laughed off the tale and insisted the flame-haired former model is "definitely" single.

Wait — excuse us? So Joffe and Johnson are done, big whoop. Young love is fleeting! But Joffe and Ryan "I'm so angsty and wasted that I'm going to fall off the stage" Adams? We find the very thought to be rather remarkable (although not necessarily untrue, as Joffe has the redheaded hotness going for her, amongst other lovely talents).

If Joffe and Adams are an item, where does that leave internationally-recognized Adams-mate Parker Posey? And will Joffe abandon her social circuit for the safety of the East Village's darkest corners? Can love survive the choice between Mona's or the Lincoln Center?

So many questions, but we must stay calm. This relationship is nothing until documented by New York Social Diary and Patrick McMullen.

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[Image via NY Social Diary]