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Good news, pervs! Hustler publisher and First Amendment champion Larry Flynt has decided to expand his sticky empire with a restaurant chain. The Hustler Bar & Grille (the "e" stands for classy!) will be "Hooters meets Hard Rock Cafe," inevitably landing in the usual tourist meccas. Sadly, the joints will not feature any nudity or entertainment, save for the menu:

The casual dining chain will be an homage to Hustler content, Larry Flynt s brand of free speech advocacy and sports. Its 100-plus item menu will include fresh fish, pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, burgers and salads.

We should've known Flynt's brand of free-speech dining featured burgers and salads. Isn't it about time we brought that sort of thing back to Times Square?

Larry Flynt to Expand Porn Empire With Restaurants [AdAge (reg. req'd)]