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Our pals at the LA.comfidential blog caught up with That 70s Show star Danny Masterson yesterday and discussed the local nightclub staple's new role as Los Angeles' cultural savior:

Danny Masterson rocked the fashion shows today at Smashbox Studios, but when we bumped into him at Ashley Paige's swimsuit show, the conversation quickly turned to nightlife and Kid's Cotton Club, his glamorous jazz night at Guy's on Sundays. He told us he started the night to pay homage to New York City's jazz scene and to help inject LA with culture and class. "It's a night to pretend we're sophisticated when really everyone's a douche bag," he said. He also gave us some tips for getting past his velvet rope. First and foremost, Danny demands to see your pearly whites. If you're not smiling at the door, you're not getting in. He also says guys must wear a suit for entrance and that he'd rather rowdy frat dudes look for another venue to party in. Girls can show up in whatever they'd like, but he finds that those in casual duds act introverted all night and then come back the next week wearing a dress.

Hear that, uncultured douchebags? Danny's running a classy joint.You'd better break your best weddings-and-funerals duds out of mothballs if you want to spend a night watching his pal Fez pretend that he likes jazz so that he can bag two groupies whose parents own a Miles Davis record.