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Keith "Don't Call Me Clarkson" Kelly reports on Wenner Media's Black Tuesday, when Men's Journal editor Michael Caruso lost his DeskJet and decided to quit. In the aftermath, the staff looks to management for inspiration:

It was not until late in the evening on Tuesday that General Manager Kent Brownridge addressed the staff.

Caruso had long since packed and many of the senior staffers had left as well.

"He was addressing mostly low level clerical people and assistant editors," said one source.

"He didn't seem to know who most of them were."

A GM doesn't know his own underlings? Shock! Awe! But wait, it gets better:

One source said he urged the staffers to read The New Yorker to find out what an 'A' magazine was all about.

We'd love to see a Men's Journal inspired by the New Yorker. Perhaps an article on a quaint nobody in Brooklyn who re nergized his life with a hike along Costa Rica's rugged coastline.

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