In a profile of Natalie Portman in Blender magazine — looking a bit undernourished on the cover (below) — writer Ariel Levy describes accompanying Portman to an M.I.A. concert in Central Park, and then references a Gawker Stalker's take on the same event.

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Later, someone accurately posts on the website Gawker that Portman "was very gracious to let all these people take pictures of her and ask for her autograph while she is just trying to enjoy the concert," and true, it "was very cringe-y to watch when people started to recognize her," but (in language that Portman might use herself) "she was a totally good sport."

You couldn't have separated those sentences any more if you'd turned the hose on 'em, but still. Nice to be recognized. Our fragile egos can always use some propping up.